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By jcbarnhart • pop, Rock • 14 Dec 2012

Emma Shaka on goldirock records indie music showcase

Emma Shaka

A rarity in the music industry, Emma Shaka is an artist who clings to rawness and passion. Though previously involved in other musical projects, she now focuses on her solo project, a journey she has embarked on from Reunion Island. Emma Shaka is rare because of her passion found within her music, she demonstrates her rareness through her control over her career. One who prides herself on independence and decision-making over her career; Emma Shaka produced her album Who I Am, but also helped select her album artwork, mixed and mastered the songs, and manages the recording sessions. This blend of clear talent and passion combined with a straightforward rock ensures success on her album, Who I Am.

Review by Alexa Spieler New York City:

Who I Am begins with the track “Can You Hear Me.” Proving that she is no cookie-cutter replica, Emma displays her vocal ability, unparalleled by any other vocalist in the industry now. Over a fast-paced guitar groove and equally driving drumming, Emma’s vocals begin that relatively overpower the instrumentation. The vocalizations are absolutely raw, demonstrating Emma Shaka’s wide range and inner rocker. The inner rocker isn’t something she disguises throughout Who I Am’s duration. In any case, “Can You Hear Me” is the perfect song that sets the tone for the punchy rock, aurally enjoyable album.





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